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The Snow Globe by Jenna Nelson

The Snow Globe - Jenna Nelson

*NA Fantasy*


This book begins in 1875 London, but... like... in an 1875 London from a parallel dimension-one where there's magic and no one blinks twice kind of 1875 London.  The heroine, Sondrine, works for her aunt's curio/apothecary shop and is one day visited by a mysterious stranger wanting to trade an antique for herbs.  The antique in question is a snow globe which will impact her future and catapult her into a secret world she never knew existed.  Her journey is no accident though as the mysterious stranger is actually a bounty hunter sent by the king.  Turns out, Sondrine has been chosen to squash Winterhaven's evil queen.


I loved this book!  It was full of adventure and strong characters.  The plot was strong and I didn't always predict what was going to happen.  The writing was vivid and I loved the world(s) Nelson created.  I can't wait to see how Sondrine and Shán's relationship evolves in the next book.  =)