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Wolf Hunt by Jeff Strand

Wolf Hunt - Jeff Strand

*Horror with a Comedic Twist*

The Plot: George and Lou are two thugs that freelance as transporters. They take a job on that involves delivering a werewolf to bigger thugs who aren't quite as friendly. Things go very wrong when the wolf escapes.

My Thoughts: I don't really read a whole lot of horror. I have to be in a certain mood for it. But I find myself wishing this style of horror was its own genre. I would read more of it if it were. Jeff Strand does an excellent job of turning the grisly into a punchline. Hilarious and witty, I loved to hate Ivan (the werewolf) and hated that I found him somewhat charming when he wanted to be. The story was solid and still left you with about as much as a feel-good type of ending as you could hope for in a horror novel. Scott Thomas, the narrator, did a great job with the voices. Overall, this was an enjoyable listen and I would definitely read or listen to something by this author again.

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