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Starlight (The Dark Elf War #1) by William Stacey

Starlight (The Dark Elf War #1) - William A. Stacey



The Plot:  An accidental discovery by government-endorsed scientists opens up a portal to another world in another dimension.  This world is filled with fairytale-type creatures, one of which is a dark elf girl who is bent on creating a little destruction on Earth and taking a hostage back to her home planet.  Cassie, Elizabeth, and Duncan are three ordinary bystanders who just happened to be nearby when the elf shuttles to our planet, somehow altering their mundane human lives by giving them magical powers.  Now it's up to the three of them to right the disaster the elf and her pet basilisk bring.  And did I mention Bigfoot yet?  Yeah... We get a great new spin on Bigfoot.


My Thoughts:  This book was amazing.  It would make great material for a movie.  Lots of action and opportunities for some awesome CGI.  The worlds, the characters, the plot... All top quality.  I did get a little confused early on because there are several character introductions in a short time period, but it didn't take long to sort them out.  I look forward to continuing this series!


*I received this book for free via storycartel.com in exchange for an honest review.*