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Reap by Casey L. Bond

Reap - Casey L. Bond

*Dystopian YA*

An incredibly enjoyable read. Bond did a very nice job creating a believable love triangle. In some stories, there is a large consensus among readers who the clear and obvious match will be. I don't really consider those to be love triangles. In Reap, I really am not sure who I'd rather Abby end up with. Crew and Kyan are pretty much equal to me at this point. Maybe Kyan, but only because Crew comes with a whole lot of drama, LOL.

I've read some reviews that compared this novel to the Divergent series. While I can see that, this book actually reminds me more of The Hunger Games. First, we have Olympus-the capital of the regions. It reminded me a LOT of The Capitol of the districts. This is where the Greaters live. The Greaters are used to being pampered and getting their way. They use the Lessers as pawns for their entertainment and resources. Then-as the title implies-there's a "reaping" that occurs. I don't want to give spoilers, so I'll leave it somewhat ambiguous. They're not harvesting children for a deadly game, but they're harvesting something shady. King Cole reminds me a lot of President Snow as well. Extremely manipulative and will get what he wants at all costs.

I will definitely be adding the rest of this series to my TBR list. Recommended to anyone who enjoys dystopian YA and love triangles. Five stars!!