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Miss Mabel's School for Girls (Network Series, #1)
Katie Cross


When I was younger, I never failed to finish a book.  In fact, I don't think I ever DNF'd a book until I was in my thirties.  However, in the last year, I've had to put down nearly 15-20% of the books I've begun.  Some books, I knew right from page one it wasn't going to work out.  I never felt bad about setting those books aside.  I was never truly invested.  And I'm sure some of those were perfectly fine books; they just weren't a good fit for me.  But then there's the books where you think, Okay, this isn't horrible.  Maybe it gets better.  And so you keep going.. only to find out it never gets better.  The plot never becomes logical.  The dialogue never becomes believable.  And there I am, closing the book on the last page and feeling like a schmuck because I ignored all the warning signs.  There's all kinds of reasons to justify DNF'ing a book.  I see that now.  Maybe it's story construction issues or the typos/grammar errors are beyond what you can deal with.  Maybe the synopsis was a big fat lie.  Or maybe the author hits on themes you don't want to engage in.  Maybe it has nothing at all to even do with the book.  Maybe it's the mood you're in when you pick it up to begin it.  Whatever the reason, life is short.  I think from here on out, I'm drawing the line at 25%.  If, by that point, I'd give the book less than 3 stars, I'm signing out.  As a writer, I would never wish a reader to persevere to the end of one of my works out of sheer determination just to finish or out of a sense of obligation.  If it's not enjoyable, why would I continue to read?  This is my new motto.