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The other day, on a different social media site, I was approached by an Indie author I'd never met before.  This author had added me and sent an email asking if I preferred ebooks or print.  That was the email in its entirety.  "Do you prefer ebooks or print?"  Naturally, I was wary of such an unsolicited approach from an unknown person.  But I guess I was feeling froggy that day because I replied, "Ebooks.  I read through them faster."  The next day the author wrote again, asking if I would like 2 signed paperbacks.  Hmm.  Okay.  As most are aware, sending out review copies are a common thing.  The part I thought was strange was that this author had approached me- a fellow Indie author- out of millions on that site, when I'd shown no interest prior in reading their work and don't advertise myself as a blogger who accepts reviews.  Still, I thought it was kind of a cool surprise.  I checked out the books in question.  They sounded interesting enough and had pretty good reviews listed.  I wrote back thanking them and letting them know that I would gladly receive the books and write an honest review on the sites where I actively blog.  Their response?  "Great!  That'll be $24 plus shipping."


After I stopped laughing, I grew irritated thinking of how this author is obviously spamming everyone they come across to buy their books.  How they have any reviews is beyond me when this is their approach to get them.  Please... as a PSA to all Indies... Do not go profile to profile hocking your wares in this manner.  It is going to bring far more people blocking you than it ever will sales.