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Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole

Demon from the Dark: Immortals After Dark, Book 10 - Kresley Cole, Robert Petkoff

This could be my favorite novel in the Immortals After Dark series.  Malkom, the Vemon (Demon and Vampire mix) love interest, is so far from having that perfect life prior to meeting Carrow.  He's not a prince to any dark realm, he's doesn't come from a family with multiple sisters and brothers... In fact, when he meets Carrow, he doesn't even have any friends.  There's no luxury in his life at all.  He mother sold him into slavery when he was a boy, and later in life, he was forced to kill the only friend he ever had.  He's suffered years of mental and physical abuse and still was able to rise above it.  Yeah, sure, when later in the book something happens that makes him snap for a short duration, his sanity might be momentarily debatable... But under those particular circumstances, who's wouldn't be?  I love Malkom.  He's a wonderful blend of tortured soul and innocence.  And as always, Cole's writing is dripping with heat and entertainment.


And could someone PLEASE give that narrator an effing award??  Robert Petkoff is freakishly talented.  The longer I listen to these audiobooks, the more I come to terms with how I've undergone the Pavlov effect.  When the book begins and I first hear his voice, I shiver with anticipation for all the naughty scenes to come.  But it's not even just those scenes.  His range of accents and multiple voices is impressive.  Which really works out considering the vast characters that keep being added to this series.