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The Candymakers - Wendy Mass

My son, who is ten, picked this book out among the masses the last time we went to my favorite second-hand book store.  I'd not heard of it, but a quick glance of the cover and synopsis led me to believe it was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque.  As he loved that book, I didn't think twice to get this one.  While, indeed, this book does take place in a candy factory, where fun, candy adventures are around every corner, this is not what I was expecting.  First, I was a little thrown off by the sheer volume of this book.  To be marketed toward children, I thought it different that it has a staggering 450+ pages.  Not that that would deter me or my son, but it might for some kids.  But I did keep wondering how the story would stretch for that many pages.  And then I came to Part Two.  The book begins anew from another child's perspective.  Ah, okay, I think I've got it.  I'm predicting the story is going to be retold from each of the four children's perspectives.  That might sound repetitive... but it's not.  At least so far.  Actually, since part two, I'm really starting to get into it.  Miles' personality is more in tune with mine.  He's a bit of an odd duck, so I get him.  My son is liking it very much.  Although, I will say that I'm glad I'm reading it along with him because it has raised some questions I wasn't expecting from a "candy" story.  The reader doesn't learn until Miles takes over telling the story that he's witnessed something traumatic in his past, and he's trying to learn to deal with it.  He talks a lot about the "afterlife".  If I hadn't been reading this with my son, I don't know that he would've asked me the questions he'd had.  Whereas I had assumed going into it that it was a middle grade book, it's starting to touch on a couple of YA themes.  Interesting.  Looking forward to reading each child's POV.