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Great follow up to Pelican Bay

Captain Shelby - Jesse Giles Christiansen

Captain Shelby is the follow up novel to Pelican Bay and centers around Nereus (Captain Shelby). Although, instead of the story being continued from the last novel, the reader instead goes backward in time to see some of Captain Shelby's adventures from the past. I like how Christiansen wove details in history through his story. For example, adding in Eric the Red as a side character. I also enjoyed the time shift between certain chapters that allowed you to read two different time lines within the story until they eventually connected. As always, I found Christiansen's writing to be near-poetic with haunting images. Two of my favorite passages:

"When it comes to love, we are all children-we are all blind, eager children. Yet we can spend our lives studying love and still know nothing of it, and so one can never judge another when it comes to one's actions of love."

"Soon, all the men's torches were burning, their flames dancing in the fisherman's eyes like a vandalized Starry Night."

Looking forward to the author's next release. =)