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Lisa Miller
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Sleeping Giants
Sylvain Neuvel
Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake
Miss Mabel's School for Girls (Network Series, #1)
Katie Cross

Evil Spy School

Evil Spy School - Stuart Gibbs

I love this series by Stuart Gibbs.  My son, who's 10, would gladly read these on his own, but since we still do the whole bedtime story thing, I have to admit to keeping these put aside purposely for us to read together.  They crack us both up.  In this installment, we see Ben Ripley get ousted from Spy School and recruited to Evil Spy School, which is run by SPYDER, the world's leading evil organization.  Assuming he's on an undercover mission, Ben accepts.  Comedy and danger ensue.  There are a couple of new characters added into the series in this novel-Nefarious Jones and Ashley Sparks, both of whom Ben meets his first day at Evil Spy School.  I loved both characters and was happy to see the ending hinted at their return in the next novel.  This is one series I'll be reading until the end.  =)