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Sentencing Day

Sentencing Day - Brian Van Slyke LOVED THIS!!

There are just some stories that stay with you after you finish them. This is one of those stories.

The protagonist, Art, is nearing his 18th birthday. In Art's world, all children are given a minimum sentence of one year in prison on their 18th birthday as part of some future crime prevention effort. The story focuses on how Art and his friend Cam react to the stress of their approaching sentencing days.

I was blown away by the amazing talent of this author. Realistic dialogue, fleshed-out characters, world building, plot twisting - it's all there. And he did it in the form of a short story/novella! That's a lot of punch-packing per page. I was hooked from the beginning to the very last sentence. I loved the ending. I don't know that any other ending would have been quite so satisfying. The story was also beautifully edited and polished. There is some strong language, but it serves its purpose and is fitting to the story. It would be awesome to see a follow-up to this novella! The writing style reminded me a little of author William Landay.

I highly recommend Sentencing Day, and I will definitely have an eye out for further releases from this author!