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Through the Gloom

Through the Gloom - Jennifer R. McDonald There's something about this series that strikes a chord with me. I've never used the word "GRIPPING" in a book review before. But I feel that time has come. I do not know how else to describe it. If I'd been sitting in a chair while reading, I'd only have been using the edge.

Through the Gloom is fast-paced and full of energy - never a dull moment. It continues to follow Lyric's POV as the tensions escalate between the Hathor, Tyr, and Yama families. Lyric and Aiden's cold and hot relationship left me in a state of agitation - but in a good way. At one point, I found myself yelling, "Just bloody kiss her!" I am not British, and I'm pretty sure my neighbors think I'm crazy. Almost as much as I wanted them to get lip-locked, I wanted to see Aiden beat the living daylights out of Jeremy. Hello? Can I get a witness? In a sick, disturbing way, I enjoyed his scenes with Lyric. But only because I desperately hoped for an upcoming smack down.

While there were a few noticeable errors in grammar/spelling, it was quite a bit less than the first book, and never distracted me in the least. I rank this series as being in the same class as some of my all-time favorite novels. I will be on pins and needles until the release of the third book in the series. FIVE STARS