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For Atancia (The Durand Duology Book 2)

For Atancia (The Durand Duology Book 2) - Wren Figueiro For Atancia is the follow-up novel to Atancia. This second book is from Matt's POV. If you've already read Atancia, you know that this is not your average paranormal book. Figueiro has really created something unique with her vision of the Durand, a class of immortal who can take (and in some cases, give) energy from other living things. I loved Matt in the first book, and was excited to see him as the main POV in the second one. If you like your male protagonists to be sweet and sincere without ego, then this is a book for you. You just kind of want to crawl inside the book and cuddle with him the entire time. I read through this novel in just a couple sittings. I love it when a book makes you smile, cry, shake your fist, etc. I don't always get those emotions pulled out of me while reading, but this one delivered. Figueiro has an obvious knack for story-telling, and I can't wait to see what she comes out with next.