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Erased - Margaret Chatwin Beautifully written. Stayed up all night because I couldn't put this book down.

After a motor vehicle accident, Ryan Farnsworth wakes up in a hospital to find he has no memory of his past. Not a single memory of family or friends. Without even basic memories of his personality, he has to carve himself out a new one. Which begs the questions, Who would you be if you could start over?

Although this novel did have some light romance in it, it felt more like a side story. The main storyline focused on Ryan discovering who he was and who he wanted to be with heavy emphasis on how this affected the family dynamic. We all have things we'd like to forget from our past or things we would like to change with our present. I think this book takes a deeper look at how the tendency is to cope with those things until they reach a breaking point. At what point do you stand up and say you're not going to accept this anymore or be this way anymore?

Very talented writing. Can't wait to read more from this author!