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Savior - Danielle James Danielle James is one of my favorite authors. Her stories are fast-paced and entertaining, not to mention she sure knows how to write a steamy scene. But I think Savior is probably my favorite novel of hers that I've read to date. As a child, Ash Bailey strikes a bargain with a less than savory entity in order to protect his sister. Because of that deal, he's forced into a life of reluctant demon-slaying the moment he enters adulthood. Now that his sister that he has fought so hard to protect has grown up and is engaged to be married, Ash feels it necessary to check up on his future brother-in-law. This leads to a series of events that puts him in the path of meeting Elizabeth Rone, the romantic interest. I loved that you got Ash's POV more so than any other character's. And while you can call the ending a cliffhanger, I liked it that way. Because that means there's a whole other book that continues their story, and I can't wait to read it!