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Uriel's Fall

Uriel's Fall - Loralie Hall Uriel's Fall is the first in the Ubiquity series and follows Uriel (AKA Ronnie), a demon, as she plods her way through her corporate level job of working at Ubiquity, which is essentially a giant search engine that patrols for illegal cherub activity. She suffers from memory loss regarding her own days as a cherub, before Lucifer turned her into a full-fledged demon. Further complicating matters, she hears a constant, nagging voice in her head. But not jut any voice. It's the essence of Metatron, an ancient, powerful original angel. There are four originals: Michael, Gabe, Lucifer, and Metatron. Uriel has to learn who is trustworthy and who is using her situation for personal gain.

Interesting take on angel/demon urban fantasy. Hall does a good job with world-building and pacing. Her writing is vivid. Looking forward to continuing the series.

As a side note: Sometimes, if I'm short on reading time, I'll set my Kindle to text-to-speech and listen audio style as I commute. If anyone else does this, I wouldn't recommend it for this book. Even when the character is alone, there is always a running mental dialogue, and there were a few times I had to run it back to see who was saying what.