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Sworn to Raise

Sworn to Raise  - Terah Edun Sworn to Raise is a fantasy novel centered around Ciardis - a poor, orphaned, teenage girl who grew up in a rural land. A caravan travels to her town one day, and she meets someone who offers her the opportunity to change her circumstances. She accepts, and the adventure begins.

I was drawn to this story for the fantasy and mage aspects. I liked the differentiation between certain types of mages as opposed to everyone having the same types of abilities. The protagonist's magical ability is magnifying the power of other mages. I kind of questioned how that would play out, as at first glance it seemed a little lackluster for a power. But it worked very well, as Ciardis could basically reap the enhanced benefits of any mage she came in contact with.

I thought the author did a good job with world-building and imagery. I liked that the characters were flawed and multi-dimensional. I plan to continue the series and look forward to what it brings. *crosses fingers* Especially if that something is puberty hitting the prince full-blast. =D