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Into the Veil (Veilwalker Trilogy, #1)

Into the Veil (Veilwalker Trilogy, #1) - Jennifer R. McDonald Deliciously addicting. I found it near impossible to put this book down, opting to forego a few day to day responsibilities in favor of reading the next chapter. Into the Veil follows Lyric, a type of witch referred to as a veilwalker, and her twin brother, Lincoln, as they learn to navigate their way through some sticky situations. In Lyric's world, there are several classifications of witches, as well as other paranormal beings. Lyric, Lincoln, and their father have been on the run for years, hiding from all of them for fear of being assassinated for what they are. Or even worse in Lyric's mind - enslaved and used for their powers. When the Hathor family coven succeeds in capturing her father, Lyric and her brother are blackmailed into serving the Hathors as spies against their enemy. Of course, things turn especially complicated when Lyric finds herself inexcusably drawn toward Aiden, the middle Hathor son and her co-abductor.

While the novel does need some editing work done, this is easily overlooked for its sheer awesomeness of plot, characters, and pacing. McDonald's writing style is superb. I find it hard to believe Into the Veil is her first published novel. Upon finishing the last chapter, I immediately purchased the second in the series, Through the Gloom, and am more than a little elated to find out the third book in the series is forthcoming. Five stars! -But only because I can't give it 6.