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Miss Mabel's School for Girls (Network Series, #1)
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When Angels Fail: Tales of the Macabre (When Angel's Fail, #1)

When Angels Fail: Tales of the Macabre (When Angel's Fail, #1) - Michael Benavidez When Angels Fail is a collection of 4 short horror stories, all written with varying amounts of gore/brutality to each. Andromeda, the last story of the collection, is my favorite. I thought Benavidez did a great job with delivering an almost poetic type of prose dipped in creepiness. Written from the POV as the captain and a crewmate of a ship lost at sea via journal entries, this story stood out to me as a job well done in the author's ability to write horror on both ends of the spectrum. The horror in this story is less gory and more of a morose whisper. The Chase, my second favorite in the collection, has elements of fantasy included. I found myself wishing it had been a little longer. Hellbound, the most violently descriptive and my least favorite of the 4, follows a talented and mad artist through a disturbing journey. Though not my particular favorite due to the intensity of brutal imagery, Benavidez definitely gets points for creativity of plotting. 4 stars!