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Benton: A Zombie Novel (Book 1)

Benton: A Zombie Novel (Book 1) - Jolie du Pre Benton: A Zombie Novel is a fast-paced novella that follows Jennifer Benton as she manages to escape her hometown of Waterbank, IL in search of survival after being overran by zombies.

My favorite part of this story was the first quarter. It moved slightly slower, and I felt you could more understand where the MC was coming from due to the inner monologue. Once Jennifer escapes her house and is forced to throw in with the first group she comes to, the story starts to fly by. There's several characters you meet quickly, and I had to stop and think who was who a couple times since the pacing is so fast. There is one sex scene, though short and to the point.

Though the story was not written in the style of a journal, the sentence structure/wording resembles that style somewhat - short, fast sentences that made the pacing even faster.

My favorite character was Mark, who is the leader, and the most optimistic of the bunch. He always did/tried to do the right thing, and the fact that he's the cute one didn't hurt either.

I'm interested in seeing if the group ever makes it to their destination and if they do, what it holds for them. I'd also like to see the relationship play out between Mark and Jennifer. I'll be adding the second book to my TBR list.