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Miss Mabel's School for Girls (Network Series, #1)
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Bootie and the Beast

Bootie and the Beast - Falguni Kothari A fun and sexy read! Diya "Beauty" Mathur has been crushing on Krish Menon since childhood. Their lives takes them separate places, but due to family and friendships, there's always a reason to reunite occasionally. When a public scandal erupts, throwing Krish and Diya together yet again, their relationship takes another turn. I thought Krish, despite his moniker of "The Beast", was actually fairly sweet. While I don't want to give any spoilers, I'll say that he's always had Diya's best interests at heart. I liked Diya too. Despite being a world-renown super model, she seems relatable. I think every girl goes through that stage on wanting everything to be a fairy tale at least one in their life. Sometimes I wanted to shake one or the other for being so stubborn. =) But I could understand where each was coming from. As the story moves forward, bits and pieces of the past are revealed, unmasking how each of them came to pack the emotional baggage they had. Recommended read!