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Dolly Biters!

Dolly Biters! - Paul Voodini Every now and again, I'll read a book solely based on its cover. If the cover is something that automatically appeals to a favorite genre of mine, I'll get a twitchy one-click finger. This dark, and yet somehow light, cover pulled me in. It is obviously about vampires, and it says "Victorian London" right in the title... I mean, who needs a book blurb? My choice was made. Now that I've finished the book and actually read the blurb, that would've sucked me in too! I love classics that are twisted, as Voodini does with The Vampire Alice Through the Looking Glass and Holmes of the Baskervilles.

All that being said, had I known going into the book how much gore and erotica therein was contained, I might have shied away. And I would've missed a great read. While I love the paranormal/monster genre, I tend to harbor a special place in my heart for the struggling monster hero - a hero determined to suppress his natural inclinations for those he loves. This is not that kind of book. These vampire girls are monsters, and for the most part, they revel in their monsterdom. And yet somehow, I could still find a connection with them that would allow me to sympathize with their plight.

Voodini's writing is superb. I was completely immersed and transported to the East End of London. His characters were equal portions creepy, perverse, and entertaining. Excellent read.